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Quartz Worktops

We have an excellent selection of Quartz Worktops available and ready to go in our warehouses. This hardwearing and durable material is extremely hygienic and hard wearing, giving you a perfect worktop for your home. Select a design now and get a free, instant online quotation today.

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Some of our high quality providers:

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Carrara Click for more Carrara Was £544.44 £490.00 per sq/m
Aspen ShimmerClick for more Aspen Shimmer*BACK IN STOCK* Was £493.78 £444.40 per sq/m
White CalacattaClick for more White Calacatta*Limited Edition* Was £660.64 £594.58 per sq/m
White StarlightClick for more White Starlight Was £435.44 £391.60 per sq/m
Statuario Bianco Click for more Statuario Bianco Was £649.53 £584.58 per sq/m
Gold CalacattaClick for more Gold Calacatta*Limited Edition* Was £771.76 £694.58 per sq/m
Ice White Click for more Ice White Was £360.44 £324.40 per sq/m
Olympus White Click for more Olympus White *BACK IN STOCK* Was £566.66 £510.00 per sq/m
Imperial White Click for more Imperial White *NEW* Was £377.11 £339.40 per sq/m
Grey StarlightClick for more Grey Starlight Was £435.11 £391.60 per sq/m
Black StarlightClick for more Black Starlight Was £435.11 £391.60 per sq/m
Classic WhiteClick for more Classic White*New* Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
Eternal CalacattaClick for more Eternal Calacatta*NEW* Was £566.67 £510.00 per sq/m
Blanco Zeus ExtremeClick for more Blanco Zeus Extreme Was £604.88 £544.40 per sq/m
CarniaClick for more Carnia Was £360.44 £324.40 per sq/m
Venetian DriftClick for more Venetian Drift*NEW* Was £544.44 £490.00 per sq/m
Berwyn DriftClick for more Berwyn Drift Was £544.44 £490.00 per sq/m
ArabescatoClick for more Arabescato*Limited Edition* Was £544.44 £490.00 per sq/m
Grey DriftClick for more Grey Drift Was £544.44 £490.00 per sq/m
White MacaubasClick for more White Macaubas Was £566.67 £510.00 per sq/m
Grey ConcreteClick for more Grey Concrete*Industrial Range* Was £660.64 £594.58 per sq/m
Emperor Black Click for more Emperor Black *NEW* Was £588.89 £530.00 per sq/m
Dover WhiteClick for more Dover White Was £377.11 £339.40 per sq/m
Black CalacattaClick for more Black Calacatta*NEW* Was £677.31 £609.58 per sq/m
Super WhiteClick for more Super White*Limited Edition* Was £660.64 £594.58 per sq/m
Classic CalacattaClick for more Classic Calacatta*New* Was £566.67 £510.00 per sq/m
Ethereal CalacattaClick for more Ethereal Calacatta*NEW* Was £693.97 £624.58 per sq/m
River WhiteClick for more River White30mm Only Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
White ArabesqueClick for more White Arabesque Was £629.78 £566.80 per sq/m
Slate GreyClick for more Slate Grey Was £360.44 £324.40 per sq/m
Bluetta CarraraClick for more Bluetta Carrara Was £544.44 £490.00 per sq/m
Eternal StatuarioClick for more Eternal Statuario*NEW* Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
White ConcreteClick for more White Concrete*Industrial Range* Was £660.64 £594.58 per sq/m
White Storm 14Click for more White Storm 14 Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
TitaniumClick for more Titanium30mm Only Was £360.44 £324.00 per sq/m
Eternal CarraraClick for more Eternal Carrara*NEW* Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
Excava Falls Click for more Excava Falls Was £629.78 £566.80 per sq/m
MarengoClick for more Marengo Was £412.89 £371.60 per sq/m
Nero Marquina Click for more Nero Marquina Was £629.78 £566.80 per sq/m
Sahara NoirClick for more Sahara Noir*20mm ONLY* *NEW* Was £588.88 £530.00 per sq/m
PlatinumClick for more Platinum Was £360.44 £324.00 per sq/m
Gris ExpoClick for more Gris Expo Was £412.89 £371.60 per sq/m
Niagara FallsClick for more Niagara Falls Was £629.78 £566.80 per sq/m
Charcoal GreyClick for more Charcoal Grey*NEW* Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
Cemento SpaClick for more Cemento Spa Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
Pietra GreyClick for more Pietra Grey*Limited Edition* Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
ChromeClick for more Chrome Was £360.44 £324.00 per sq/m
StardustClick for more Stardust*20mm ONLY* Was £360.44 £324.00 per sq/m
Pearl CalacattaClick for more Pearl Calacatta*20mm ONLY* Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
AluminiumClick for more Aluminium30mm Only Was £360.44 £324.40 per sq/m
Sahara WhiteClick for more Sahara White*20mm ONLY* *NEW* Was £447.78 £403.00 per sq/m
Desert SilverClick for more Desert Silver Was £629.77 £566.80 per sq/m
Classic ArabescatoClick for more Classic Arabescato Was £588.88 £530.00 per sq/m
Gold CarraraClick for more Gold Carrara*NEW* Was £473.07 £425.76 per sq/m
Bronze ArabescatoClick for more Bronze Arabescato Was £473.07 £425.76 per sq/m
Britannicca CalacattaClick for more Britannicca Calacatta Was £660.64 £594.58 per sq/m
Gold StatuarioClick for more Gold Statuario Was £649.53 £584.58 per sq/m
Supreme Calacatta GoldClick for more Supreme Calacatta Gold**NEW** Was £677.31 £609.58 per sq/m
Emerald CalacattaClick for more Emerald Calacatta Was £660.64 £594.58 per sq/m
Ivory CalacattaClick for more Ivory Calacatta Was £566.67 £510.00 per sq/m
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The beauty of quartz work surfaces in your home

Quartz Worktops

Introduction to Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops have seen a significant increase in popularity over the years due to new, captivating designs coming to the market. These surfaces, due to being an engineered stone, are available in a variety of different colours and finishes from calm, muted tones to bold, bright shades meaning there is a colour and finish for your home whatever your style. The only real limit is your imagination.

Quartz is a natural mineral stone that has 7 Mohs hardness degree on the Mohs scale, which is extremely high considering diamond has a 10 Mohs hardness degree. Quartz slabs are formed by using 93% natural quartz with resin bonding, quartz worktops have the look and feel of a quality stone worktop and benefit of being extremely hardwearing and durable making them ideal for any home.

To help in making your decision easier, we've compiled information all about quartz worktops, hopefully aiding you to find the perfect kitchen worktop.

  1. Benefits of Quartz Worktops
  2. Choosing the right Quartz kitchen worktop
  3. Types of Quartz Worktops
  4. Grey Quartz Worktops
  5. White Quartz Worktops
  6. Quartz Worktop Suppliers
  7. Cheap Quartz Worktops
  8. Why buy Quartz Worktops direct?
  9. Installation Process of Quartz Worktops

Benefits of Quartz Worktops

It's not all about the superb finish they give your kitchen - as previously mentioned, quartz worktops have tons of benefits and are very often compared to their granite relation, although quartz worktops are man-made of course, but don't let this fool you, quartz is extremely strong and durable.

As well as being tough and durable, quartz is also stain resistant, scratch resistant and heat resistant. Additionally, as quartz worktops are made with very strong resins and polymers making them none porous meaning germs and bacteria cannot get into the surface.

The manufacturing of a quartz worktop is a complex process where quartz stones, granites, polymers, resins and mirrored stone are combined to create a solid slab – these slabs are sealed and polished then cut to the perfect size ready to be installed in your home. With this sophisticated process, any colour can be achieved meaning that the range of quartz is considerably higher than most stone worktop variables.

As an added bonus due to the way they are formed, quartz worktops are very tough against bacteria's, mildews and mould making them safe for family and home environments (when kept clean). They are also seen as an excellent investment to any home, so once bought, they will only contribute to the value of your home and will never lose value themselves.

Choosing the right Quartz kitchen worktop

With all home and interior decisions, it's often hard to determine which colour or finish will work best in your kitchen, especially when it comes to making an investment in a quality worktop. Worktops are a centrepiece to any kitchen and are utilised the most in any home kitchen for things like food preparation, making drinks or draining pots.

Quartz worktops, like other stone worktops, come in many different colours and finishes giving you a variety to choose from – in fact, as quartz is created by mixing certain properties, any colour can be achieved meaning quartz, of all stone worktops, offers the largest selection of colours and finishes. Finishes can come in suede, polished and volcano texture.

Different styles are also available in quartz worktops such as plain, veined, fine grain and coarse grain.

We appreciate this is a big decision and so here at Mayfair Granite we aim to help and support you; to help you get started, we've provided a number of questions and answers to help you along the way. These should help you build a clearer understanding of the quartz worktops you'd like in your home.

1. What kitchen style do you have / are you looking to achieve?

During the early days of quartz, quartz worktops where only available with sparkly mirrors. This meant quartz worktops were only really suited to contemporary modern kitchens such as a high gloss handless kitchen. However improvements in technology used to make quartz slabs now means they are available with veins running through the material and without sparkly mirrors meaning you will now find quartz worktops that will complement traditional kitchens. So whether you have a modern contemporary kitchen or a traditional kitchen, there will always be a quartz worktop to compliment it.

2. Do you want the Quartz worktop to be a statement or a subtler and sleek look?

This is really personal preference, but most people like to make a statement with their quartz worktops. As your worktops are the focal point of your kitchen. The easiest way to make a statement with your worktops is to create a contrast between your worktops and kitchen i.e. if you have a light coloured kitchen you can go for a dark coloured quartz worktop. On the other hand, if you want a subtler look and have the worktops blend in with the kitchen that you should go for a worktop colour that matches the colour of your kitchen.

3. Light or dark Quartz worktops?

Again this is personal preference, one of the benefits of quartz worktops are due to the fact they are engineered, it doesn't matter if you go for a light or dark colour. They both are equally durable to scratching and staining, unlike lighter granites that are more likely to stain.

4. Quartz Upstands and sills

The perfect choice to complement your worktops and give them a superior finish is to go with upstands and window sills. These really do finish off the kitchen and are a great cost saving option compared to tiling the walls.

5. What Edge Should You Have On Your Quartz Worktops?

The most popular edge profile is standard chamfer with its straight clean lines. The standard chamfer looks brilliant with the modern sparkly mirrored quartz colours. The other option is pencil round where the top and bottom of the worktop are slightly rounded, however this is the same edge profile you get on a laminate worktop, so sometimes can make your worktops look like laminate. Other alternatives in order of popularity are ogee, bullnose and half bullnose these complement the traditional looking veined quartz such as Carrara or Lyra.

6. Most importantly, which colour Quartz?

This really depends on your kitchen and the look you want to achieve. Our expert stone masons are always on hand to offer advice on which colours will compliment your kitchen. We are also more than happy to send out actual samples of quartz to help your decide on colour.

Types of Quartz Worktops

Just like when you choose what colour cabinets, what colour paint for the walls or what colour tiles you want to have in your home, the big decision still remains when looking to purchase your new quartz worktops. As quartz comes in a significantly larger range of colours over any other stone worktop, the difficulty in choice is considerably increased, and often knowing which finish will work best with your current or new kitchen can prove to be a challenge.

Due to the above factors making an imprint on the decision making, we've decided to help out as best we can by breaking down a handful of options and to answer any queries that have arisen.

1. Grey Quartz Worktops

Grey quartz worktops are an increasingly popular choice as their neutral colour and clean appearance works well with most kitchen styles, especially those looking to have a more contemporary or modern kitchen. It's worth noting that there is a large variety of shades of grey to choose from – the lighter shades are generally purchased by those wanting to go for a light and subtle look to maximise the other aspects of the room or keep a more neutral appearance to allow the light to fill the room and give it a more open, spacious feel.

Darker shades of grey quartz worktops act in the same way as black worktops. Many people opt for a deeper colouring to create more of a contemporary, bold statement look with the worktop as a centrepiece of the kitchen. One of our most popular grey quartz worktop is Slate Grey.

2. White Quartz Worktops

Just like the grey quartz worktops, our white quartz worktops give an excellent finish to any kitchen. When paired with neutral and pastel coloured kitchens, they keep the kitchen subtle, giving a natural flow to the kitchen with minimal statement impact. This is an ideal look for those who are looking to pursue a more traditional, low impact kitchen to keep retain light and maximise the feel of spaciousness.

Alternatively, for those looking to achieve a more prominent “stand out" look in their kitchen, it's common to pair a white / cream quartz worktop with a darker cabinet to achieve a strong contrast look. This is a prime opportunity to really create a feature worktop to complete the kitchen and become the statement centerpiece. One of our most popular white quartz worktop is Ice White:

3. Quartz Worktop Suppliers

Due to quartz worktops being manufactured, Mayfair Granite deal with a number of high end companies to ensure that the quartz we provide is the best quality and guarantees the perfect finish every time. We only supply genuine quartz that has been manufactured on Breton Spa machinery. Breton Spa are the company that invented quartz and hold the patent for genuine quartz. Below we have provided points on each of the different companies to help understand each product and their offering:


They are the market leaders in quartz, a global brand with 90 branches worldwide. Silestone are the innovators in the quartz industry and tend to manufacturer quartz colours that are unique to their brand. Mayfair Granite has been dealing with silestone for over 25 years, so we have strong trading ties with Silestone and import container directly from their manufacturing plant in Spain. All silestone quartz worktops come with a 25-year warranty.


Compac was founded in 1975 producing 4.5 million square meters of quartz slabs every year. Compac is a leading quartz supplier who offer a lifetime warranty on all their products for complete peace of mind.


The oldest manufacturer of quartz slabs in the world. Caesarstone manufacture over 70 different quartz colours, so you should find a Caesarstone quartz worktops that suites your kitchen. All Caesarstone worktops come with a 15-year warranty to provide full peace of mind.


They offer a range of high quality quartz all manufactured on high-tech Breton Spa machinery. Cimstone quartz is a non-porous hygienic worktop that is stain resistant, high abrasion and scratch resistant. Cimstone quartz is ideal for both residential and commercial uses. There is no need to seal or polish the worktop after installation, so it is maintenance free.

Cheap Quartz Worktops

One of the biggest drawbacks with quartz worktops is people opting for a cheaper wood or laminate option – this doesn't have to be the case, in fact quartz is an extremely affordable and offers a significant longevity over their non-stone alternatives, not forgetting the considerably easier upkeep, avoiding swelling, mould and very unhygienic surfaces.

Mayfair Granite pride themselves on providing high quality stone surfaces at competitive costs. The added benefit is you are able to buy direct from our factory / showroom allowing you to avoid any third party costs, problems in communication or commissions, and better still, all our quartz surfaces are stored in our warehouse allowing us to provide a quick turnaround and quality service.

Why buy Quartz Worktops direct?

There is a lot to be said when purchasing quartz worktops directly from the factory / showroom. Realistically, there is a selection of three viable points of sale for quartz worktops – these being through kitchen companies, direct from the manufacturer or through second hand purchasing over the internet or locally. From experience, we have seen many issues arise as a result of not making a purchase directly from the manufacturer.

When buying through a kitchen company, there tends to be a number of third party costs involved such as commissions and other additional expenses, not to mention the communication issues. Kitchen companies tend to be in the middle, between yourselves and the quartz worktop supplier, meaning the organising and fitting of the worktop can be delayed. In addition, a professional stonemason is not guaranteed in fitting the worktop – the worktop of which you may not know the supplier of until it is fitted in your home.

Another large risk is purchasing a second hand worktop from auction websites and local based sales. Although quartz provides a solid and hard wearing worktop, it still needs to be looked after in order to maintain it's perfect condition. A lot of the times, especially when dismantling a kitchen, these factors won't be taken into account which leaves the quartz in danger of being cracked or damaged. These worktops will obviously need tailoring to ensure they fit your own personal kitchen which may also lead to additional costs on top of the quartz cost to make sure they fit as expected.

Buying direct from the manufacturer is much more beneficial to those looking to have the perfect worktop fitted. A main benefit is you are provided with a warranty so you can have complete peace of mind. Additionally, there are no middle man commissions involved, the price you are given is normally a trade price – the quartz will be professionally handled through the process, prepared and delivered or fitted in your home with no qualms.

Professionally Installed Quartz Worktops

Mayfair Granite are one of the UK's leading providers in quartz worktops, offering highly skilled stonemasons to template and also fit your brand new worktop – it's the same stonemason too, making sure the fitting is as per your requirements. Our skilled team in the factory will cut and polish the stone surface with pinpoint accuracy using the latest in CNC equipment.

Mayfair Granite strives off a strong reputation of happy customers and word of mouth. We do our upmost to ensure that every customer provided with a fitted quartz worktop feels informed, satisfied and pleased with the finish.