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Returns & Refunds policy

The following policy is to be read in addition to your basic legal rights as a consumer.

Any reference to "We" or "Us" [and any likewise derivatives] will be interpreted to mean the 'seller' Mayfair Worktops Limited and/or any of its subsidiary companies.

Any reference to "You" [and any likewise derivatives] shall be interpreted to mean the consumer 'buyer' of any said product or service.

Any reference to "Job" will be interpreted to include the whole process of the creating the template, manufacturing the granite/quartz, the installation of the materials, the delivery of all services and any other actions calculated to be significant in carrying out any of the aforementioned duties.

Our refunds policy is only applicable to those who have entered into a contract and wish to exercise their right to a refund or return, the below policy will define your rights to refund above your legal minimum.

We retain the right to refuse a refund to you, the customer, for any materials that have been cut to specific sizes, or styles, or designed in a certain manner as to be deemed unusable or unfit for resale as these are bespoke products.

We retain the right to refuse a refund if you, the consumer, has failed/refused/otherwise mislead us as to the disclosure of any information that may lead to our inability to complete the job as agreed upon by all relevant parties, this may include;

  1. Your failure to make the necessary preparation as discussed in order to allow the successful templating or installation of the product or carrying out of any necessary services as applicable.
  2. Your failure to notify us within a reasonable time frame of your intention to cancel your purchase.
    1. This can include using an inappropriate manner of communication.
    2. Note the following time frames for the different points within the job.
      1. Following the initial 10% deposit, you have to provide at least 48 hours notice prior to the agreed date to template that you wish to cancel the purchase.
      2. Following the further 80% deposit, you are no longer entitled to a refund once the granite or quartz has been worked on, this occurs immediately after the deposit has been received. [Note: this is subject to change depending on availability of resources].
      3. Following the successful payment of the remainder of the value there is no refund available.

We retain the right to refuse a refund if;

  1. You, the consumer, was aware prior to the purchase of your product that there was a 'fault' with your chosen product.
    1. We understand a 'fault' with granite or quartz to be;
      1. Any significant discolouration, mark or blemish, this must be evidenced in a picture sent through any appropriate format to us, we also require proof that the fault was caused by the handling or actions of Mayfair Worktops.
      2. Any chips or marks sustained due to Mayfair Worktops's handling or actions.
    2. However, the following will NOT be regarded as faults with the product;
      1. Any variation at all with shading, veining and finish.
      2. Imperfections such as cracks, hairline scratches, pitting or fossils.
      3. Incoherence between sample colour and fitted colour.
  2. You, the consumer, damaged the product in an attempt to repair the item, or by employing another party to do so.
    • This section shall also cover any actions made by you, the customer, before the completion of the job that is calculated to interfere with the successful installation or carrying out of any duties and is likely to lead to or cause damage to the material.
  3. You, the consumer, no longer want the product, or if your needs for our services has expired or changed.

We will issue a refund if you have made your purchase through the means of either; an online, mail or telephony service, however this refund will only be made within a 14 day timeframe which must be initiated by you, the customer.

You must communicate your wish to receive a refund within 14 days of receiving your goods and you have a further 14 days to return the goods in a state which would allow us to be able to sell again the granite/quartz.

In addition to this, we also require an invoice as proof of purchase and for the communication of your wish to receive a refund to be issued in a manner similar to the method that you made the order of purchase.

If you have successfully claimed for a refund, the refund value will be for the cost of the materials, the separate cost for the template, for the delivery of the materials and for any other costs incurred during the process cannot be refunded as the service has already been provided.