Say Hello to our new brand ambassador TV Presenter – Jonnie Irwin

We are very pleased to announce that we have appointed a new brand ambassador, TV presenter, Mr. Jonnie Irwin.

Jonnie with Sales Manager Liam from Mayfair Worktops in the showroom

After appearing on channel 4’s ‘A Place in the Sun’ and ‘Escape to the country’, Jonnie has just bought a home to renovate which he is documenting on his Instagram account.

Jonnie knows the importance of the quality of materials for his renovation and the worktop is no exception.

Checkout this video of him with our sales manager Liam learning a little more about the Mayfair Worktops brand.

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We’ve Rebranded! Mayfair Granite is now, Mayfair Worktops!

Here at Mayfair Granite, we have been in business supplying worktops to the nation since 1974, that’s nearly 50 years of experience and expertise that we have under our belt! Back when we began we used to supply only Granite worktops and since then, more worktop material options have entered the market, for example, Quartz Worktops which are some of our most loved designs amongst our happy customers.

You may have noticed that something has changed around here. Following that, we have decided to rebrand to ‘Mayfair Worktops’! We feel that this name suits our brand more as we continue to introduce new materials to help our customers design the perfect spaces for themselves and their families.

We always have and always will focus on upholding ourselves to the highest standards and providing the best quality product at a great price. We can guarantee that you will have nothing but the best experience with us due to the fact that you deal with us the whole way through the process making it seamless and effortless. We adhere to our values and uphold the Mayfair crest and this is something we will continue to do forever.

Soon we will be introducing Ceramic worktops which is exciting and brings a whole new span of opportunities to transform your kitchens and living spaces.

The name may have been tweaked, but the people, quality and values remain the same!

Checkout this video of our brand ambassador TV Presenter – Jonnie Irwin talking a little bit more about the rebrand with our sales manager Liam.

Covid-19 Second Lockdown Updates

As you all may know we have just entered another nationwide lockdown, as we fall under the construction and manufacturing sector, we are allowed to remain open under the government guidelines. Also our commitment to our customers who may have nowhere to cook, no sink and no tap without worktops has meant that we have taken the decision to remain FULLY OPEN whilst following the government guidelines on Covid-19.

On a separate note Our guarantee fitting slots before Christmas are running out fast and we don’t want any of our customers to miss out on new beautiful granite or quartz worktops before we reach our production and installation capacity.

Please, if you are looking at having your worktops installed before Christmas, contact us immediately as we a limited number of slots available! Our sales agents will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

Please call us direct on 0800 4320267 or email us on

The Mayfair Granite Team

Lucknam Hotel & Spa Worktop Installation

Lucknam Park Hotel and Spa is a spectacular country-house hotel with Michelin Star dining. It is 6 miles from Bath within a private 500-acre estate with a walled garden. When this majestic 5 star hotel with its award winning spa wanted new granite worktops they contacted Mayfair Granite, due to our reputation for quality and service. The worktops had to be installed to a tight deadline to accommodate the re-opening of the hotel after the lock-down, which we managed to achieve.

See below video showing the install of beautiful Cosmic Black and Black Pearl Granite Worktops and our expert stonemasons in action!

Care and Maintenance of your Worktops!

With proper care and handling, your new granite/quartz worktops will continue to provide pleasure and performance for many years to come. All granite worktops are treated and sealed in our factory before install, quartz due to its unique properties does not require sealing. However this is not a magic cure, there does still need to be some easy maintenance done to ensure your worktops last a lifetime.

1. Clean your worktops with our new anti-bacterial cleaner – This is all that is required to ensure that your worktops are kept clean and protected from germs. You can purchase this product directly from us for £19.99 including postage and packaging!

DON’T USE BLEACH GLASS CLEANERS DE GREASERS AND OTHER HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS. They are not designed for Granite & Quartz and are Acidic or Alkali and will make the worktops more prone to staining.

DON’T USE HOME MADE CLEANERS like vinegar, ammonia, Lemon or orange, these are also not meant to be used on the worktops.

2. Clean up spills immediately. Acidic/ Alkaline substances like wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce, sodas and cooking oil can potentially stain the granite/quartz worktops.

3. Use coasters under all glasses, bottles and cans. Using coasters on granite/quartz is not an absolute necessity, but using coasters is a good practice to protect your granite/quartz worktops.

4. Use trivets and hot pads under pots & pans. It is possible for your worktop to suffer “thermal shock” and crack, but rare. You don’t really want to put hot pans on any work surface.

5. Use cutting boards. Avoid the possibility of scratching the surface and protect your knives. Cutting on stone will dull and damage your knives’ edges quickly and can scratch the worktops.

6. Don’t use scouring powders/creams. These products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface.

7. Don’t slide appliances, utensils, pots and pans on granite worktops. They may scratch the polished surface

8. Don’t stand/sit on the worktops. Granite and Quartz are extremely strong but areas around cutouts are weaker and with enough weight on them they may break.

Our Exclusive Television Advert is out Now!

We’ve all become all too familiar with our TV in the recent months, but in case you haven’t seen our latest TV ad see below to watch the commercial currently showing on ITV and Sky Digital. As a company this is a massive achievement for us and we are thrilled to be in a position to show you this!

To Celebrate our small screen success we are giving you a FREE box of chocolates if you see our ad on tv. The steps are really simple, if you see our ad take a video of it, post this onto your social media and tag us in the post (see our social links below) and finally, we will direct message asking for your address and send them straight out to you!

Facebook – @Mayfair Granite
Instagram – @Mayfair_Granite

How to Measure up your Worktops?

One of our most frequently asked questions from customers is how do I measure up to receive a quote for my new granite or quartz worktops. This is essential so we can give you an accurate price based on the sizes you provide. If you could give us the measurements in centimetres rather than inches this also helps our sales team give you a more accurate price, if not we can always convert the measurement into centimetres. You will need  a tape measure, paper and pen to write the measurements down.

All we need is the length and the width of your worktop pieces, if you take a tape measure and measure this for each piece you require ensuring you are not overlapping in the corners. Our sales team will always call to give you an accurate price and go through all the options such as up-stands, splash backs and window sills. If you need any additional help measuring your worktops call us on 0800 432 0267 and we will be more than happy to help.

Top Tip – If your worktops are L shaped or U shaped then make sure you do not overlap in the corner when measuring as this will cause your quotation to be more expensive and inaccurate.

Contactless Template and Fitting Service

We are back manufacturing your bespoke granite and quartz worktops. Our template and fitting teams have also returned to work so we have had to implement additional measures to safe guard our employees and customers . All of our template and fitting teams have been issued with PPE boxes which includes gloves, masks, disinfectant spray, anti-bacterial hand wash, hand sanitising gel and antibacterial wipes.

We are now operating under a contactless templating and fitting service. With the current outbreak of Covid – 19, we have decided to take this measure to ensure the safety of all our staff and customers. Also this ensure we are adhering to government guidelines.

When our stonemasons are visiting your property to install your worktops please ensure you keep a 2m distance from them. All of our stonemasons will be wearing the necessary PPE and once they have finished, they will disinfect your kitchen with a disinfectant spray and wipe down your worktops with antibacterial wipes.

Quartz v Granite Worktops: 5 Facts you should consider before buying

Are you stuck for which way to go with your kitchen?

Have you already looked through various websites and still finding no definitive answer?

Is a professional guide the solid piece of advice you need to make a decision?

If you answered yes to any of the above you must read the following 5 facts before purchasing worktops for your dream kitchen.

  • Fact 1: The actual difference between granite and quartz.

Granite is formed from the crystallisation of magma just below the earth’s surface, its mineral composition can vary a lot which is why the pattern and colour can be so different from region.  This Granite is then processed into slabs which are polished with diamond tipped tools to give it sheen.

In a similar manner to granite, quartz also forms from the crystallisation of magma, this quartz crystal is mined from the ground then reduced to fine sand and combined with a resin that will bind the particles together; this fills the gaps in the worktop surface which leads to its anti bacterial properties.

granite quarry

Despite sharing many similarities such as glossy feel and resilience their differences are detectable, granite is slightly more susceptible to scratches and requires sealing every decade whereas quartz requires no such maintenance.

Also quartz has the added advantage of being anti bacterial allowing the user to prepare food directly on the surface without hesitation.

  • Fact 2: Durability matters.

Durability is more than the strength of the worktop; it includes stain resistance, resistance to cutting or scratches, heat, abrasion and impacts.

This is why you need to think about how you use your kitchen, on a daily basis, to decide which material will be the best fit for your needs.

Quartz worktops have the advantage of being the more durable worktop overall due to quartz worktops being an engineered material. This means it will always have the benefit of not relying on nature to become stronger, however granite is not to be taken lightly considering how closely they both ranked for best worktops (see table below).

  • Fact 3: You get what you pay for.

Whilst materials like laminate can be seen as a cheaper alternative when compared to the cost of granite and quartz, they have a much shorter lifespan. Putting quartz or granite in your house is a long term investment, as with proper care, they can last over 25 years. However, this does depend on the material you choose. Darker granites tend to be more durable than lighter variants, so you will need to consider this when making your choice. Although this is not the case for the more durable quartz where all quartz colours are equally durable because of the way they are engineered.

Although, even with quartz, you need to make sure you don’t just go for the cheapest as some lesser known brands are known, within the industry, for being susceptible to marking and damage much easier than their more expensive genuine European Breton S.p.A quartz counterparts.

  • Fact 4: You only have to please yourself.

The answer to this question is definitely one of personal choice. However, if you are looking for consistency then quartz is for you. There is little variation in tone and shade in quartz slabs, whereas with granite slabs there is a much greater margin meaning no two pieces of worktop in your kitchen will be identical.

In my opinion however, if you want a timeless or even classic feel then granite is for you. With its wonderful veining and natural swirls our granite worktops really feel like magnificent masterpieces. Although for sleek modern looks, quartz is king. With its smooth and consistent colours, it will add that finishing touch to your contemporary kitchen area.

Kashmir White granite worktops with a classical kitchen

But as always there are exceptions as there are some dark granite installations that look just as suave as any quartz and there are new quartz designs being made to imitate the character of granites. This is why I leave that decision to the customer.

  • Fact 5: Not every fitter will do a good job.

With most industries there is an art to perfect whether it is perfectly seasoned food, the reliability of an algorithm, the efficiency of an athlete in physical sports and in the granite/quartz industry this can be difficult to notice which will often be a costly error; however we can provide some good points to note when choosing a supplier.

  • Cutting corners by using hand held tools and manufacturing the worktops on site allows more margins for human error.
  • Off cuts are the remains of slabs that were not used by previous customers, therefore colours may be mismatched in your kitchen.
  • Quartz that does not come from genuine producers will be inferior in most regards in comparison to the real stuff sold by the few suppliers in the UK.

You can check whether your potential supplier will be doing things the right way by checking their reviews online.