Macchia Antica Porcelain

Macchia Antica offers a refined and distinguished design, with a clean and simple base white color interlaced with golden and corten veins that weave effortlessly throughout the material to create an extraordinary three-dimensional depth to the piece.

Taking inspiration from the sought-after and admired Carrara marble from its namesake in Italy.

The elegance and beauty of these will match superbly with even the most sophisticated interior designs.

Mayfair Worktops Porcelain materials are heat, scratch, and stain resistant, making them perfect for use in high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. They are also non-porous, which means they do not absorb liquids or bacteria, making them extremely hygienic and easy to clean.
20mm thickness only.
Please note product images and videos are intended to be indicative only as materials are subject to colour and pattern variations.

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