For Jonnie

Words can’t express the deep sadness we feel at the passing of our dear friend and brand ambassador, Jonnie Irwin. His infectious joy and boundless energy were woven into the fabric of Mayfair Worktops. Watching him work – his talent and expertise shining through every video and piece of content – was a pure pleasure.

This tribute is a celebration of Jonnie’s spirit. We share these joyful clips not just with a heavy heart, but with a smile, remembering the laughter and warmth he brought to our team and our audience.

For years, Jonnie’s charisma, charm, and insightful comments captivated everyone he met. He leaves an irreplaceable void, but his legacy of kindness and passion will forever be etched in our hearts.

Thank you, Jonnie, for everything. You were more than just a brand ambassador, you were a true friend. You will always be a cherished member of the Mayfair Family.

You will be missed, Jonnie.

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