Care and Maintenance of your Worktops!

With proper care and handling, your new granite/quartz worktops will continue to provide pleasure and performance for many years to come. All granite worktops are treated and sealed in our factory before install, quartz due to its unique properties does not require sealing. However this is not a magic cure, there does still need to be some easy maintenance done to ensure your worktops last a lifetime.

1. Clean your worktops with our new anti-bacterial cleaner – This is all that is required to ensure that your worktops are kept clean and protected from germs. You can purchase this product directly from us for £19.99 including postage and packaging!

DON’T USE BLEACH GLASS CLEANERS DE GREASERS AND OTHER HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS. They are not designed for Granite & Quartz and are Acidic or Alkali and will make the worktops more prone to staining.

DON’T USE HOME MADE CLEANERS like vinegar, ammonia, Lemon or orange, these are also not meant to be used on the worktops.

2. Clean up spills immediately. Acidic/ Alkaline substances like wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce, sodas and cooking oil can potentially stain the granite/quartz worktops.

3. Use coasters under all glasses, bottles and cans. Using coasters on granite/quartz is not an absolute necessity, but using coasters is a good practice to protect your granite/quartz worktops.

4. Use trivets and hot pads under pots & pans. It is possible for your worktop to suffer “thermal shock” and crack, but rare. You don’t really want to put hot pans on any work surface.

5. Use cutting boards. Avoid the possibility of scratching the surface and protect your knives. Cutting on stone will dull and damage your knives’ edges quickly and can scratch the worktops.

6. Don’t use scouring powders/creams. These products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface.

7. Don’t slide appliances, utensils, pots and pans on granite worktops. They may scratch the polished surface

8. Don’t stand/sit on the worktops. Granite and Quartz are extremely strong but areas around cutouts are weaker and with enough weight on them they may break.

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